After recently been asked what our outreach/evangelism strategy was at MVC, I was challenged as  what to say. My first thoughts – like a classic evangelical Components – instantly gravitate my mind towards the ‘how are we converting new people/seekers?’, discussion, wholesale jerseys and I found myself having to take a step back – I’ve never felt comfortable with that approach in my life, and find that if I respond with that question in my mind, I don’t think I would even believe the words coming out of my mouth.

But if by our Blog strategy, you mean how are we living out our faith to others and encouraging them to see Christ,  my response would be: gradually, slowly, and with plenty of mistakes. After Sheridan all, we are also being converted and Easter changed daily. Matt 29:19 tells us to make disciples, and I am convinced that as a young church plant, our reach might wholesale jerseys China be small, but thankfully depth is not determined by numbers.

We intentionally cheap jerseys build relationships, grow deeper, never be satisfied where we are spiritually, and continue to seek to where we can allow God to work in our lives – this is where we see For people changed – some new, seeing Christ for the first time, others (like me), changing, as they grow further with Christ and with each other.

Now, where’s that soapbox??